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Featured Casting Notice for Kissa Kutte Ka:

About the movie: 

Kissa Kutte Ka (A dog's story) is a political satire that pierces through absurd paradoxes that contemporary India straddles with. On the one hand, the country wears the moniker 'India Shining' with much aplomb. It gets ready to host the prestigious, Commonwealth Games. This glittering ambition, though, is in sharp contrast to deep-rooted casteism in the society. The extremism is evident when a dog is ostracized for eating a roti from the hands of a Dalit, or untouchable, woman. Through the prism of this excommunicated dog, the movie explores religious extremism and political opportunism in the 'India Shining' scenario. 

About the roles: 

The film employs an ensemble cast and is looking for 60 spots to fill. 

About the casting process:
The casting call applies all across India, U.K. and U.S.A.
Auditions will be held between May to September 2011 at the new BTA studios in Mumbai.
The movie will be filmed in the cities of London, Delhi and a village near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.
About the collaboration between Jag Mundhra and SKumars Online: 

Of the many epithets that can apply to Mr. Mundhra, 'prophetic' fits quite closely. He directed his first crossover film 'Suraag, when that genre was barely nascent. This was the first film to be shot in English and Hindi. It also was the first of many other films to use international locations and talent. 

Jag Mohan Mundhra's filmography: 

Mr. Mundhra has directed more than 35 feature films, several shorts, documentaries, music videos and TV pilots. Some of his salient works are: 
Kamla (1985): This film was part of a select screening of Indian cinema at the Lincoln Centre in New York in 2004.
Sandstorm (2002): The human-rights film starred noted actress Nandita Das. It has won several international awards including best actress and best film on human rights.
Provoked (2007): This film, based on the real life story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, is centered around domestic violence amongst Asians in Britain. Provoked, starring Aishwarya Rai, is arguably one of Mr. Mundhra's most acclaimed work.
Shoot on Sight (2008): This is a suspense drama involving terror attacks in the U.K. The film stars Naseeruddin Shah, Greta Scacchi, Brian Cox, Om Puri and Gulshan Grover.
Chase / Apartment (2010): Both these films are edge-of-the-seat thrillers. The former falls in the action category while Apartment is an urban, psychological thriller.
Naughty @ 40 (2011): This is a slapstick comedy starring Govinda, scheduled to release in 2011.
Collaborating with Mr. Mundhra is SKumars, a major Indian conglomerate. SKumars has over 50 years of experience in areas such as textiles, apparels, energy and e-commerce industries. They now bring their expertise to the online venture, Bollywood talkies, which will seamlessly combine needs and talents of the East with the West. 


Alfred Hitchcock believed that when it came to casting, Disney had it easy. "If he doesn’t like the characters, he simply tears them up." 

Choosing flesh-and-blood people may be slightly complicated, though. Bollywood talkies simplifies this process for actors and casting directors/ agencies. As India's first online extensive casting resource, Bollywood talkies provides a wide pool of talented artists to connect with casting directors and agencies. 

Wide network: Depending on the project, casting calls will be publicized in India, U.K. and U.S. 

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